Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Set of Goals...on Paper

My dad has always encouraged me to set goals and stick with them. He says that if you actually write them out, you have a much better chance of accomplishing them than if you just say or think them. So, after um 31 years of not accomplishing a single New Year's resolution, I think it's time to try it his way. So, here goes...

My Top 9 Goals of the Year

I would have 10, but I'm stumped at 9...can't think of anything else.

1. Set a Budget. Hubs and I are horrible about spending money that we shouldn't spend on things we shouldn't spend money on. Ha!

2. Lose weight. It's weight watchers time again and I really am committed this time. I promise. The other 3 times were just trial runs. But, I figure if i blog about it, I will be more accountable. So, more to follow on that note.

3. Take a photography class. My local community center is offering one in Feb. and I am going to sign up. Anyone wanna join me?

4. Continue to work on communication and patience in my marriage. Oh by the way, did I mention that these are in no particular order? This is an important one, folks.

5. Get rid of all credit card debt. I don't have much, but what I do have nags at me ALL. THE. TIME.

6. Join at least one women's club in the Tulsa area and hopefully make some new friends. Bunko? Book Club? Scrapbooking?

7. Drink at least 2 full glasses of H2O/day. I'm starting at ZERO, so even this will be an improvement. Baby steps.

8. Figure out a way to run without leg pain and do the couch to 5k program. Then, run one. And then train for another half marathon.

9. Donate a few hours a month to a local animal shelter or other rescue organization. Please, Please, Please rescue, people!

And since I've never, ever accomplished or stuck to a single new years resolution, I'll be happy with just 5 out of the's a start right???

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