Monday, March 21, 2011

A2A- And This One Makes Three

Wow- what a fun weekend! I told the husband several weeks (if not months) ago that I wanted to do the A2A Half Marathon in Ardmore, OK. He wasn't ever very interested. On the one hand, it's in a fairly small town in our state, and on the other, this weekend was his mom's 60th birthday. And, although I didn't know it at the time I registered, her birthday would turn into an entire weekend of celebrating, and I would be the bad guy for not being there. I'm a planner, what can I say?

So, I talked my mom into being my lone cheerleader for the weekend, and when I told her that our little road trip would include shopping, she was happy to join me. So, we left OKC on Saturday morning, and filled the day with eating and shopping before checking into our home-away-from-home at the Candlewood Suites on Saturday night so I could prepare for race day. Prepare =coordinate an outfit.

Sunday morning, we left the hotel by 6:30 am so mom could drop me off at the busses at the finish line. All participants had to be bussed to the start line in the middle of the Arbuckle Mountains and spectators weren't even allowed up there. It was a very well organized process except that we had to sit at the start line for almost an hour before the 8 o'clock gun, and it was cold and windy!

Anyway, the race was advertised as a flat and mostly downhill, fast course. The organizers even said to be prepared to PR, and here's the elevation chart that was posted on the race website.

Easy, right? So, based on that information, I went in with a gameplan consisting of 3 things: run the downhill 8 miles at a comfortable but fast speed, walk the one giant hill at mile 9 if I needed to, and TRY to enjoy the course and the view. Well, all I can say is that somebody was smoking crack when they came up with that elevation chart. It was NOT a downhill course. Yes, there were downhill areas, but downhill is not the same as rolling hills AND when you add in 16-20 mph winds that you get to run into the entire time...BRUTAL!!!

On the other hand, the race was well organized, the volunteers were friendly (where else do you get homemade cinnamon rolls at the finish?) and I got to see a male participant run off the course to take a shi* in the woods! Plus, the swag bags were great- we got two shirts, a medal, a water bottle and a bag of local fresh roasted peanuts.

It was tough though, and I would have to be in better shape to participate again. But, I finished- not with a PR by any means, not even close. But I finished and got another medal to add to my display, and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: Shane's Edition

In honor of my awesome husband and his sweet hairdo, this post is going to be mostly centered around him. He's acting like he needs some attention this week anyway. But don't feel bad- guess where he is right now...

Anyway, I've been calling him Shane all week because that name sounds most fitting for a red-headed dude with a mullet or a tail. And since the husband currently has both, he's earned it. Seriously, his hair is SO BAD he can't even argue with the nickname.

And some other things...

I lost a follower today and am deeply saddened- I feel like someone in real life just said they didn't wanna be friends with me :)

During the Bachelor last night, husband said "Do you think they cleaned all of Chantel's tears and snot out of that limo's backseat before they put Emily in there?"

Then, he asked if we could marry Nellie (our girl dog) with Fletcher (our boy dog), but decided that she may be better suited for Jack (the cat).

I don't think he was drunk.

Ok, but seriously and on an important note, my cousin, Holly, is hosting her first ever real and VIRTUAL 5K to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training! Yay for her! So, here's the deal... the real race is in Florida on the beach, but since not many people will physically be there to run it (including myself), she added the virtual component. So, basically I can run or walk the 3.1 miles at my leisure, or maybe if I'm feeling lazy, I'll just pretend I did it, but, who would really do that?!?!

So, you're probably asking yourself why you would want to do this. Here's why- four reasons:
1) to help this really cool chick you've never met raise over $3000 for Team in Training
2) to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society out- it is a tax deductible donation!
3) to get a cool t-shirt
4) to get out there and burn some calories!

Now, go HERE and register. It's $25 if you want the shirt and $20 if ya don't. Then, grab some friends and make a morning of it. You can even follow it with bloody marys??? or coffee??? And, you can feel really good about it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

An Anniversary of Sorts

I almost forgot! Today is the 1 month anniversary of my vegetarianism! It's so funny because I didn't know if I could do it and even considered only trying to go "meat-free" for two weeks. I also have a veggie friend at work who suggested I just try to "cut back" at first and only allow myself to eat chicken or beef 1-2 times per week. Haha, friend, no need to cut back for me!

So, I am proud to say that I did it cold turkey and haven't missed a beat. Honestly, I really haven't missed eating meat at all, and I haven't had any cravings for it either!

So, here's the deal: As of now, I have no plan to eat meat anytime soon. I will continue this process for as long as it feels comfortable- as long as I don't feel like I am lacking anything nutritionally and as long as I don't feel like I am really missing out.

Oh, and I was kind of excited the other night when, after placing my dinner order at a restaurant, the waitress said, "you're a vegetarian aren't you?" Well yes, I guess you could say I am!

And on a totally unrelated, random note, I'm obsessed with this metallic polish! I want it on my toes right this minute!

Happy Monday!


So, if you read my blog (yes, I'm talking to both of you out there in cyberland), you might remember this post where I talked about my obsession for medals. And, yes, I'm still obsessed, and happy to report that I will (hopefully) be receiving at least 3 more medals between now and May 1st since I am signed up for 3 more 1/2 marathons.

So, since I am sooooo proud of my hard-earned medals, I decided that I needed a place to show them off. And, what better place is there than the LAUNDRY ROOM?!?!? But, I did make these hangers for them, and I am pretty proud. The one on the right is the husband's since he is the triathlete, and mine is the one that says "live inspired" because that is the saying on my Road ID.

Please notice whose display has more bling- thank you very much!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today was That Day

Ever have one of those days that just seems perfect because you are busy all day with things that you want to do?

Today was one of those days for me!

It started off with an amazing hour of private yoga. Trust me, I didn't book a private lesson- it just happened that way, but it was fantastic! And if you live within 50 miles of Tulsa, please check out Cozy Yoga in Bixby!

Next, the husband took me out for lunch at a local chinese/vietnamese vegetarian restaurant- Be Le. It was fun to try a new restaurant and be able to order anything on the menu!

Then, I went on a treasure hunt at my favorite junk shop. I took this picture because I thought the sign was cute and texted it to the husband to get his opinion. Of course, he didn't care. I didn't buy it, but I kinda think maybe I should have?!?! it's cute and vintage-y!

I came home, changed my clothes and headed to the river trails for a 6 mile run in my new kicks.

And finally finished the evening in front of our new chimenea.

Today was perfection, but tomorrow I have to go back to work and am not looking forward to it!