Friday, January 15, 2010

The Red Soled Shoes

I would never, ever consider myself a fashionista. As I type this, I have on jeans that are two sizes two small and have a hole in the crotch, black Tom's that my dog chewed on for a bit, a bright red OU hoodie and a ball cap. And I'm pretty sure that fashionista and ball cap don't go together. Ever.

Oh and on a side note, I just looked down and realized that I am still wearing my purse from when I got home about 1.5 hours ago. Weird.

But, my husband, who claims he has better style than me, is trying to turn me into one. And he might be onto something.

Anyone who is a fashionista knows all about the red-soled shoes, and now I do too.

Check out my Christmas gift from hubs. He did this on his own. I would NEVER ask for a gift this extravagant, but I sure do love them! And I have now joined the ranks of Oprah!

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