Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

1. I recycle...not paper, not cans, not anything that I should recycle. Nope. I recycle dryer sheets, and by recycle I mean use them more than once. I always add a fresh one, but there are usually two or three in any dryer load.

2. I have always worried about not having enough friends, but as I grow older I am much more concerned with quality, not quantity. And I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes a good friend.

3. I love the library and I get excited just thinking about going there. Where else can you get endless hours of FREE entertainment in any city? I especially love checking out CDs and making new Ipod playlists. Sorry Itunes but you're too expensive for me these days.

4. I am a huge advocate of animal rescues. Yes, I have bought from a breeder, and I love my dog dearly, but I am still slightly ashamed that I bought. Please rescue and have your pets spayed/neutered.

5. I have some sort of an anxiety-provoked mental issue whereby I pick my skin off until my digits bleed. Fingers, doesn't matter. Yes, it is painful. No, I can't stop. There is an actual scientific term for this, but I can't remember it at the moment.

6. I have zero willpower in the dessert category. I can pass up any other type of food, but if it has loads of sugar in it, count me in!

7. I LOVE garage and estate sales.

8. Besides Big Bang Theory and Reba reruns, I only watch reality TV. Tough Love, Intervention, The Real Housewives, Everest, Little Miss Perfect, Hoarders....these are my shows!

9. I write left handed but do EVERYTHING else right handed.

10. I could never relate to how military families feel when they have a loved one overseas until today. I just found out that my cousin is deploying soon and it is such a scary feeling.

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