Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Little Things

It's been one of those days and that is especially sad since it is 2:41 and I haven't even left the house. I'm still in my pajamas.

To begin with, the limo company from which I rented Josh's b-day limo, has overcharged me. I called last week and the guy said, "I'll work on it and get back with you." Then, he didn't get back with me. So, I called again today and a different guy said, "Yep, I can see that we charged your credit card twice and you paid in cash, but I'm not sure what to do." What do you mean you're not sure? Just pay me back the money! Ugh.

Then, my internet went out.

Then, our dog did this to our coffee table...

And this to our stairs...

And this to the runner in our hallway...
But seriously, I can't be too mad at such a cute face!
And I'm not gonna lie...I did consider having a drink as my husband suggested. But, wouldn't that make me some sort of an alcoholic???

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lip Plumping Goodness

My husband is a bit of a hypochondriac. I can say that on here because I know there is no chance that he will read this. He couldn't care less about my blog.

Anyway, I think he learned somewhere during his childhood that the way to get attention was to complain. A lot. About everything. In his world, a splinter warrants a trip to the emergency room.

So, Friday night I wasn't surprised when he started whining about his chapped lips. I was thinking "this is your 31st should know by now that your lips will get chapped and it isn't the end of the world." But, I didn't say it....I only thought it. It and a few choice words because he wanted ME to go OUTSIDE to get his chapstick from his car.

This was at 12:30 am, when it was about 30 degrees outside AND I was in my pajamas.

J: Well if you won't go get my chapstick, do you have any?
T: No
J: What can I use then?
T: Lipgloss
J: Would lotion work?
T: Probably
J: What else could I use?
T: Lipgloss
J: Fine, give me the lipgloss.

So, I happily hand over my favorite tube and watch as my super manly husband applies it all over his lips. BUT, as he is doing so, I realize I have made a huge mistake because hidden in the bottom of my makeup bag is a tiny tube of Super Cinnamon Lip Plumper. Although it tastes ok and smells really nice, IT IS PAINFUL. This product apparently works by burning the *&%^ out of your lips, causing them to swell.

T: Oh try this instead. I think it will work better for chapped lips.

He applies the lip plumper and is midway through his next statement when he starts to feel the burn and knows instantly what I did.

It was worth getting a glass of water thrown on me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I love this chair...

I found this picture on Beth Jansen's Blog. I love this chair....mainly because I have two ugly wingbacks that need to be recovered. This chair is my inspiration. Does anyone know someone who can make my chairs look this cute for cheap?

An Update

We went into Trochta's the other day, and the first thing I spotted was a stack of the Nosey Parker books. The SUPER nice lady there explained that the stores have to purchase the books and then they are allowed to do with them what they please. They can sell them, give them away, give a discount, tell you to F- off if you ask for a discount, etc. I'm just glad that she told me. I get it now and I'll stop asking.

I won't post much tonight....too grumpy. I'm tired of people I don't like dictating MY life. Nuff said.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nosey Parker Say What?

Mom and I went shopping yesterday at some darling new stores in Edmond and when I was making my purchase at one of them, I happened to pick up the Oklahoma version of the Nosey Parker guidebook. The owner of the boutique we were in asked if I had heard of it and since I had not, she went on to explain the book to me. Our conversation went something like this...

saleslady: Oh that's the new Nosey Parker Book...have you heard about it?
me: No. What is it?
saleslady: You buy the book and then register the card that's in it online. Then, you show the card to any of the merchants in the book and they give you a discount.
me: How much is the book?
saleslady: $12. So, it's really easy to make your money back.
me: How much is the discount in your store?
saleslady: 15%
me: (I flip through the book and realize there are two merchants in it that I plan on buying gifts from anyway, so I figure I might as well get the discount) OK. I guess I'll get this too.

So, once I got home I immediately registered my new card.

Flash forward to today. Mom and I go shopping again and our first stop is On a Whim because she is in need of a gift for a friend and they are in the book. So, we figure, why not shop there and get the discount. Well, we search and search and finally come up with the perfect gift for said friend and when it is time to pay, I flash my brand new Nosey Parker card, and this is the response I get...

saleslady: We don't take that. We told whoever made that book that we didn't want to be in it and somehow we ended up in there anyway. So we aren't going to honor that (She turns around and walks off).

Ok, so I am not a customer service expert or anything, but I am pretty sure that wasn't the right (best) way to handle that situation... It was a tone thing. It was an attitude thing. And I found it quite sad because my family has done a lot of shopping in On A Whim throughout the years; J and I were even registered there for our wedding. But, I am pretty sure that everything they carry in that store can be found elsewhere, like maybe on Oh and those MC dog dishes I have on my Christmas list, well I guess they will have to be ordered off the web. Just be nice to me when you tell me that you won't honor my coupon.

Next stop, Blue 7. The employees at the store had no idea what a Nosey Parker card was, but they got on the phone with the owner and decided to give me 15% off. Easy Peasy.

Last stop, Jamie's in Casady Square. I pick up a couple of items that I have on my shopping list (remember the original reason I bought the card), and when the saleslady asks if she can set them at the counter I say, "Do you all accept the NP card?" Our conversation then goes as follows...

saleslady: What do you mean accept it?
me: accept it...for the discount. I have my card right here.
saleslady: Oh there's no discount. We don't do discounts here unless it is Premier card week.
me: But the girl I bought the card from said there's a discount for all of the merchants in the book.
saleslady: You bought the book?
me: Yep. It was $12.
saleslady: But we have them here and we are just giving them away to our customers. Free
me: Wow. OK. Well. Hmmm.
And then no discount.

Moral of the story: What the *&%$ is a Nosey Parker card and why did I spend $12 on it??? Can somebody please enlighten me?

Because I am the Older Sister

I met a fellow blogger yesterday at one of my trunk shows and her enthusiasm about blogging was contagious. She is an up-and-coming PW with her own domain name, hundreds of followers and even more daily hits. That's serious blogging.

Anyway, she said she posts every day and I asked her how she comes up with things to write every single day. She said, "Oh, I just tell stories," and I thought to myself, "But I don't have any stories." And, at the time, I couldn't think of a single one.

Until this morning.

So, just to give you a little background on what I'm about to tell you...I am the older sister of two younger brothers. We have always been a close family, and I have always been slightly protective. And bossy.

Bossy to the point of picking out (err rather trying to pick out) my brothers' girlfriends. It's a wonder they were able to pick out the amazing women they are currently with on their own, without any help from moi.

Anyway, there was Bethany, Brooke, Shawna, Alex, and another girl whose name I don't remember. I actually tried to force these women on my poor brothers! But, my absolute favorite was Miss Amy O and for years, I would beg the youngest of the three of us to go out with her. "But Matt," I would say, "She's so cute and so sweet. Yall would be such a great couple." His response, "T, she's crazy, psycho, and trust me, you don't want me hanging out with her." But, I think she did actually go to Johnnies one night with the fam.

A few years later when I was still begging him to find Miss Amy O and start some sort of relationship with her, I think he said she was in jail. Or pregnant. Or pregnant and in jail. Not sure.

But today, I can finally say I trust my younger brothers' abilities to make decisions for themselves. Not only do they have two wonderful women in their lives, but I opened the Oklahoman this morning to find this in the newspaper...

Please watch. Sorry but you'll have to sit through the ad.

Miss Amy O was arrested in OKC this week for hiding a stolen baby (her own) in the backseat of her car under other possibly stolen merchandise. She and the male she was with were apparently in my parent's neighborhood and about to attempt some burglaries. Wow. Thankfully, the baby has been returned to her father. And Miss Amy is behind bars. Again.

I guess if younger brother wants to start something now with my pick for him, he can find her in the OK County jail.

BTW, he was right....the newspaper article listed multiple arrests for Miss Amy over the past 8 years. And judging from what Matt said, she was pregnant and in jail.