Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lip Plumping Goodness

My husband is a bit of a hypochondriac. I can say that on here because I know there is no chance that he will read this. He couldn't care less about my blog.

Anyway, I think he learned somewhere during his childhood that the way to get attention was to complain. A lot. About everything. In his world, a splinter warrants a trip to the emergency room.

So, Friday night I wasn't surprised when he started whining about his chapped lips. I was thinking "this is your 31st should know by now that your lips will get chapped and it isn't the end of the world." But, I didn't say it....I only thought it. It and a few choice words because he wanted ME to go OUTSIDE to get his chapstick from his car.

This was at 12:30 am, when it was about 30 degrees outside AND I was in my pajamas.

J: Well if you won't go get my chapstick, do you have any?
T: No
J: What can I use then?
T: Lipgloss
J: Would lotion work?
T: Probably
J: What else could I use?
T: Lipgloss
J: Fine, give me the lipgloss.

So, I happily hand over my favorite tube and watch as my super manly husband applies it all over his lips. BUT, as he is doing so, I realize I have made a huge mistake because hidden in the bottom of my makeup bag is a tiny tube of Super Cinnamon Lip Plumper. Although it tastes ok and smells really nice, IT IS PAINFUL. This product apparently works by burning the *&%^ out of your lips, causing them to swell.

T: Oh try this instead. I think it will work better for chapped lips.

He applies the lip plumper and is midway through his next statement when he starts to feel the burn and knows instantly what I did.

It was worth getting a glass of water thrown on me.

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Anonymous said...

haha you got me. revenge in best served cold (water)