Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nosey Parker Say What?

Mom and I went shopping yesterday at some darling new stores in Edmond and when I was making my purchase at one of them, I happened to pick up the Oklahoma version of the Nosey Parker guidebook. The owner of the boutique we were in asked if I had heard of it and since I had not, she went on to explain the book to me. Our conversation went something like this...

saleslady: Oh that's the new Nosey Parker Book...have you heard about it?
me: No. What is it?
saleslady: You buy the book and then register the card that's in it online. Then, you show the card to any of the merchants in the book and they give you a discount.
me: How much is the book?
saleslady: $12. So, it's really easy to make your money back.
me: How much is the discount in your store?
saleslady: 15%
me: (I flip through the book and realize there are two merchants in it that I plan on buying gifts from anyway, so I figure I might as well get the discount) OK. I guess I'll get this too.

So, once I got home I immediately registered my new card.

Flash forward to today. Mom and I go shopping again and our first stop is On a Whim because she is in need of a gift for a friend and they are in the book. So, we figure, why not shop there and get the discount. Well, we search and search and finally come up with the perfect gift for said friend and when it is time to pay, I flash my brand new Nosey Parker card, and this is the response I get...

saleslady: We don't take that. We told whoever made that book that we didn't want to be in it and somehow we ended up in there anyway. So we aren't going to honor that (She turns around and walks off).

Ok, so I am not a customer service expert or anything, but I am pretty sure that wasn't the right (best) way to handle that situation... It was a tone thing. It was an attitude thing. And I found it quite sad because my family has done a lot of shopping in On A Whim throughout the years; J and I were even registered there for our wedding. But, I am pretty sure that everything they carry in that store can be found elsewhere, like maybe on mackenzie-childs.com. Oh and those MC dog dishes I have on my Christmas list, well I guess they will have to be ordered off the web. Just be nice to me when you tell me that you won't honor my coupon.

Next stop, Blue 7. The employees at the store had no idea what a Nosey Parker card was, but they got on the phone with the owner and decided to give me 15% off. Easy Peasy.

Last stop, Jamie's in Casady Square. I pick up a couple of items that I have on my shopping list (remember the original reason I bought the card), and when the saleslady asks if she can set them at the counter I say, "Do you all accept the NP card?" Our conversation then goes as follows...

saleslady: What do you mean accept it?
me: accept it...for the discount. I have my card right here.
saleslady: Oh there's no discount. We don't do discounts here unless it is Premier card week.
me: But the girl I bought the card from said there's a discount for all of the merchants in the book.
saleslady: You bought the book?
me: Yep. It was $12.
saleslady: But we have them here and we are just giving them away to our customers. Free
me: Wow. OK. Well. Hmmm.
And then no discount.

Moral of the story: What the *&%$ is a Nosey Parker card and why did I spend $12 on it??? Can somebody please enlighten me?


annie said...

Wow...I have no idea what a NP card is. Sounds like a rip off to me!

What did you get at Blue 7??? That's my favorite store and they are always so nice. I'm not surprised at all that's the only place it really worked out for you.

Anonymous said...

They tried to get me to advertise with them. So glad I chose not to. You can check out their website here http://noseyparkerokc.wordpress.com. I might email the girl that started it. She's pretty friendly. She might want to get all that figured out!