Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

This picture looks familiar doesn't it? You probably remember it from this post, except that the woman's boob miraculously shrunk. Thank God. So, I just had to post it again- mainly because I cracked up typing the word "boob." I'm like a 14-year-old boy...or my husband.

Anywho, yesterday was Monday, which means that I had to stand on the scale in front of "weightwatchersjulie" as I like to call her. No big deal....she really is one of the best leaders I have ever had, but that's beside the point.

So, I wore my usual workout gear minus any jewelry (wedding ring and earrings) and lotion b/c those things could really weigh me down and stood on the scale waiting for wwj to tell me how well I did this week. After all, I ran just under 20 miles in the week since I had last weighed.

But, it didn't work out that way; the scale did not read in my favor. Instead, it turned out that I gained 0.8 lbs. Again. The same amount that I gained about 3-4 weeks ago and 3-4 weeks before that. I think I'm noticing a trend here. But since I am a woman, I guess I don't have a choice.

Better luck next week I suppose.

Oh and on the positive side of life, I am training for a 1/2 marathon or 2 and completed my 6 mile run on Sunday and it went really well. And since I have been running pretty regularly again, I have picked up some pretty specific product preferences/recommendations that I can't wait to tell you about....soon.

Sweet dreams!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calling All (female) Runners...

If you are a woman and you love to run, you have to head over to Running Diva Mom's Blog this instant for a chance to win everything in this picture! That's a lot of awesome stuff! While you're there, check out the rest of her blog too. She's a great running inspiration and does lots of really good product reviews. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Armpits are Convex

Have you ever noticed that all of the skinny people of the world have concave armpits? Seriously, look around (especially at the actresses on tv) and you'll see. Their armpits dent in so much that they could probably hide stuff in there. "No need for a purse tonight. I've got my id, phone and lipstick in my armpit." OK, so maybe this is something that everyone but me already knows, but I have only very recently- like in the past 18 minutes- decided that the armpit just may be the best measure of skinny. And that's what I'm gonna go by...for now at least.

So, last night was my weekly weigh-in and it went better than expected! I lost another 3pointsomething lbs, bringing my grand total to 19.6. The Husband has now lost 22 lbs too and he will get really upset if I forget to mention it on here, so now you know. But, although I am thrilled with having lost almost 20 lbss my armpits don't yet cave like I would like.

Anyway, after we went to the meeting, we went down to the river and The Husband rode 10 miles on his bike and I ran 4. I would like to do another 1/2 marathon soon and according to my training schedule I needed to run 3. I chose to do 4 anyway because I am an overachiever like that. Actually, my new Garmin gives me magical running powers. More on those to come....someday.

Then, on the way home I made him take me to McDonald's because heck, I love their food. I love any fast food. And since you can eat anything on Weight Watchers (as long as you count it), I opted for one of these...

and one of these......
and I sat out in the car and ate them while The Husband went in the grocery to make himself a salad. Who's the overachiever now?

Well, the fast-food turned out to be a bust. The sandwich was too peppery and the fries way too salty. So, I ate about half of each and then made The Husband sit in the car while I went in and made the world's smallest salad. And, when I got back...the rest of my McDonald's was GONE.

Moral of the story: Don't expect your husband to not eat your McDonald's food even if it is gross. AND concave = skinny.

Peace out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's a Horse in My House

First off, this picture looks like something my brothers would have in their house (right next to the random 8x10 Glamour Shot of some girl they've never laid eyes on). That's why I picked it.

So, husband and I, as we are prone to do, had another interesting conversation on the way home from the gym tonight. I think it really exemplifies our intellectual sides.

Oh and I should preface this by saying I graduated high-school with a guy who wrote a term paper on the meaning of "deep." He was admittedly stoned when he wrote it, but he got a 100%. And, this is the opposite...

H(usband): Wouldn't you hate to be a horse and have to walk around in that snow all the time?
M(e): yep
H: If I had a horse, I would keep it in the house.
M: Would you ride it in the house?
H: Yep, I would have 12 ft. ceilings and one really long hallway, so he could just run up and down.
M: What would you feed it?
H: People food.
M: Me too.
H: And he could just come up to the kitchen island and help himself whenever we are cooking, but it would kinda suck when you leave the kitchen to go to the bathroom and your horse comes in and eats all the food you were making.

Happy Sunday! I promise to write something much better sometime!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

To the Oklahoma Weather Gods

Dear Oklahoma Weather Gods,

Why oh why must you do this to our great state when you have been so nice to us lately? I thoroughly enjoyed my run at the river yesterday, for which I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Granted the shorts did not have the proper elastic and were riding up the whole time (they were too big, thank goodness), nevertheless, it did not stop me from basking in the sunlight on our gorgeous 75-degree day.

And now, you decide to play this mean, mean trick on us? You get our hopes up that Spring has sprung and then this. Let's just say this better be your last hurrah. I am already tempted to move to the always sunny state of California. Don't make me do it!


Your Fair-Weather Friend

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jello Shots!!!

My mom called me yesterday, which is weird in and of itself because she NEVER calls me. Yes, we talk at least every day, but it is never because she makes the effort; that stopped when I went to college. "Well, you're in college now, and I don't want to bother you," is what she would say when I asked why she suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. And 10 years later she still doesn't call.

Anyway, she was really excited when I answered the phone. And we spent the first few minutes exchanging the customary pleasantries- what are you doing? and how was your date night?- but, I could tell there was something much more important weighing on her mind, and this is how our conversation went...

mom: How was your date night?
me: It was fine. We went to the melting pot.
mom: And the movie? Was it good?
me: Well the glasses hurt my nose, so I had to hold them up the whole time, but it was pretty good. Worth seeing.
mom: Yeah well our movie wasn't good and it made me carsick so I had to spend half the time with my eyes closed.
me: Really? That sucks.
mom: But it's ok because Dad took me to APPLEBEES after (and by this time she's bursting with excitement over her dinner at Applebees).

SIDENOTE: The last time I went to Applebees, not only was my sandwich disgusting but our waiter talked to us in a voice so creepy I'm pretty sure he belonged on the sex offender registry. Not to be crude but that is my experience with that place.

mom: And not only did we get to eat there, but I also got to take jello shots!!!!

Holy weirdness batman...I'm not sure what bothers me more- the fact that my 60-something mother was taking jello shots BY HERSELF at a restaurant or the fact that that restaurant was Applebess!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yummy Food Find!

Ok, so if you are on Weight Watchers, are a carb-addict, or just love bagels like I do, you need to find these NOW. Made by Thomas, these bagels are slightly thinner than a regular bagel, but for only 110 calories (and 1 ww point), they definitely do the trick. Just think...slop some Weight Watcher's 1 Point Cream Cheese or some 2% shredded cheese or maybe even some P.B. Loco Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter (just sayin') and you've got quite a treat! Now go find 'em...trust me! And if you are lucky enough to find the Everything Bagel flavor, please mail me some!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, based on my incredible weight-loss skills and the fact that I created a system whereby my husband has to buy me something for every 5 lbs I lose, tonight was date night! Wow...it sounds really sad that I have to lose weight in order to get a date with my husband, but it's my fault- not his. Oh and because I had two rewards come up at once- one for another 5 lbs and the other for sticking to it for another month- I planned a SUPER date, meaning I took over the whole night. And believe me, I made him follow my plan, and he was adamantly against it.

Of course I wanted the Melting Pot; it's my favorite. But, he argued with me the whole way there because he knew that we would be ordering cheese and chocolate fondue and no meat. "And a guy needs his protein." I bribed him by telling him we could order the cheese that comes with the summer sausage dipper and he could have all the sausage to himself. It worked, and as usual, dinner was incredible. Plus, we got out of there y only paying $22 and that is after a $12 tip.

Then, we ventured to the other side of town to the IMAX 3-D to see Alice in Wonderland. I can't believe the stuff these people can create, let alone dream up! It wasn't my favorite movie of all times, but it was definitely impressive and probably worth the $12 ticket. So, overall it was a fun night. Honestly though, the real reason I am telling you this was so I could post the creepy picture of us in our 3-D glasses. Attractive huh? Ugly and they hurt!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In & Some Other Stuff

Ummm...what's with the ginormous boob?

I guess it's time. I've been putting this off not because I don't have anything to say, but mostly because I'm incredibly lazy right now. But, I figure I need to weigh in because I'm pretty sure I didn't do it last week. So, here goes...

Last Monday, I had lost a total of 4.0 lbs, which was pretty amazing to me since I had hosted a party called "Cupcakes, Cookies and Comfort," for which I bakes all sorts of sweet treats (and wanted to eat all of them). Instead, I tried to limit myself and I sent the leftovers to Josh's work. They were devoured and I felt better because I didn't have to write each tiny cupcake, cookie or brownie in my food journal. BTW, did I tell you that I write down every morsel that enters my mouth?

So, this Monday, my weight was EXACTLY the same. Ugh. But, I won't complain too much because we spent the entire week in Scottsdale and I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. Frozen yogurt with Snickers bar? Sure! Frozen yogurt with heath bar for the 2nd time in one day? Why not; I'm on vacation! So, I'm pretty happy that I didn't gain any weight.

Now, I'm teetering on the edge of the 140s, which means I lose a point. No big deal though...I'll be that much closer to my goal weight (and rewards)!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are Ess Vee Pee Puhlease

See that? It's a soapbox. Now, imagine me standing on it. Ok...I'll make this short and sweet.

When I was growing up, there was a class taught to all little girls to make them sweet, prim, proper and all of those sugar-and-spice kind of things. Apparently, I didn't need it because I was never sent there, but I somehow managed to learn some manners somewhere along the way. And to this day, I am continually amazed by the lack of manners of some people.

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect. I am by no means perfect. But, I am very aware of some general rules when it comes to etiquette.

1) Someone gives you a gift, you give them a thank-you note.
2) Don't use your cell phone at dinner or in the middle of a wedding reception.
3) Don't say "shut up."
4) Do say "please" and "thank you."
5) And for the love of God, please RSVP.

And the purpose of this post....and for me standing atop my soap box at the moment....#5.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you are invited to a party, whether it is by me or Kenny G himself, please acknowledge the invitation. If you can make it, great; if not, say so. And if you don't want to come to my party, fine. Just tell me you don't want to come. That way, I will not make a dozen cupcakes and cookies in your honor.

I am done, and I will step down. But, if you remember NOTHING else from this blog, please remember that when an invitation says RSVP, it says it for a reason.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about all of the things that I needed to blog about. A bunch of fragments really...no great stories...just bits and pieces that really only add up to the fact that I have blogging ADD. Scary. I mean who can't sleep because they are thinking about their blog?

Anyway, first, if you haven't tried this No Pudge Brownie mix, YOU MUST! I was having a serious chocolate attack at the grocery store a few weeks ago and I insisted that the husband buy this for me. He said, "OK, but you're gonna make 'em and eat the whole batch." I said, "No, I won't but I need them really badly," knowing that he was right. I would eat the entire pan in a day or two.

Actually, he wasn't that mean and I'm pretty sure he didn't say "batch," but needless to say, the brownies found a new home in my kitchen. And then, I realized just how fabulous they are. On the back of the box is a single-serving recipe. Yes, folks you can make a warm brownie for yourself in under 2 minutes. Perfection!

And the other thing, I went to WW last night and found out that.....ugh...I gained .8 lbs. Yes, I know it's only .8, but I had a great week; I journaled every day, worked out 3 days and ate in moderation. And because I think I did everything right, I am blaming it on the sodium. So, better luck next week. At least the scale at the gym likes me; I weighed 2.4 lbs. lighter on it last night!