Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's a Horse in My House

First off, this picture looks like something my brothers would have in their house (right next to the random 8x10 Glamour Shot of some girl they've never laid eyes on). That's why I picked it.

So, husband and I, as we are prone to do, had another interesting conversation on the way home from the gym tonight. I think it really exemplifies our intellectual sides.

Oh and I should preface this by saying I graduated high-school with a guy who wrote a term paper on the meaning of "deep." He was admittedly stoned when he wrote it, but he got a 100%. And, this is the opposite...

H(usband): Wouldn't you hate to be a horse and have to walk around in that snow all the time?
M(e): yep
H: If I had a horse, I would keep it in the house.
M: Would you ride it in the house?
H: Yep, I would have 12 ft. ceilings and one really long hallway, so he could just run up and down.
M: What would you feed it?
H: People food.
M: Me too.
H: And he could just come up to the kitchen island and help himself whenever we are cooking, but it would kinda suck when you leave the kitchen to go to the bathroom and your horse comes in and eats all the food you were making.

Happy Sunday! I promise to write something much better sometime!


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KatherineBee said...

This is too funny! Totally looks like one of those photos where the background looks like it's moving that you can find at a swap meet. :)