Friday, March 19, 2010

Jello Shots!!!

My mom called me yesterday, which is weird in and of itself because she NEVER calls me. Yes, we talk at least every day, but it is never because she makes the effort; that stopped when I went to college. "Well, you're in college now, and I don't want to bother you," is what she would say when I asked why she suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. And 10 years later she still doesn't call.

Anyway, she was really excited when I answered the phone. And we spent the first few minutes exchanging the customary pleasantries- what are you doing? and how was your date night?- but, I could tell there was something much more important weighing on her mind, and this is how our conversation went...

mom: How was your date night?
me: It was fine. We went to the melting pot.
mom: And the movie? Was it good?
me: Well the glasses hurt my nose, so I had to hold them up the whole time, but it was pretty good. Worth seeing.
mom: Yeah well our movie wasn't good and it made me carsick so I had to spend half the time with my eyes closed.
me: Really? That sucks.
mom: But it's ok because Dad took me to APPLEBEES after (and by this time she's bursting with excitement over her dinner at Applebees).

SIDENOTE: The last time I went to Applebees, not only was my sandwich disgusting but our waiter talked to us in a voice so creepy I'm pretty sure he belonged on the sex offender registry. Not to be crude but that is my experience with that place.

mom: And not only did we get to eat there, but I also got to take jello shots!!!!

Holy weirdness batman...I'm not sure what bothers me more- the fact that my 60-something mother was taking jello shots BY HERSELF at a restaurant or the fact that that restaurant was Applebess!


RN Mama said...

What? No way! They have jello shots at Applebee's? That's just bizarre. Not to mention that your Mom bought some.

My daughter's love Applebee's, it's just "eh" to me.

annie said...

Oh, Linda and her love for jello shots.

Amy said...

This cracks me up - I love it - can't imagine it, but love it!!!