Saturday, March 20, 2010

To the Oklahoma Weather Gods

Dear Oklahoma Weather Gods,

Why oh why must you do this to our great state when you have been so nice to us lately? I thoroughly enjoyed my run at the river yesterday, for which I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Granted the shorts did not have the proper elastic and were riding up the whole time (they were too big, thank goodness), nevertheless, it did not stop me from basking in the sunlight on our gorgeous 75-degree day.

And now, you decide to play this mean, mean trick on us? You get our hopes up that Spring has sprung and then this. Let's just say this better be your last hurrah. I am already tempted to move to the always sunny state of California. Don't make me do it!


Your Fair-Weather Friend

1 comment:

RN Mama said...

Oh, how rude! Snow, snow, go away, come again...never! But, please don't send any of that white stuff my way. We haven't hit the 70's yet, but I'll take 50 and sunny any day over snow!