Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, based on my incredible weight-loss skills and the fact that I created a system whereby my husband has to buy me something for every 5 lbs I lose, tonight was date night! sounds really sad that I have to lose weight in order to get a date with my husband, but it's my fault- not his. Oh and because I had two rewards come up at once- one for another 5 lbs and the other for sticking to it for another month- I planned a SUPER date, meaning I took over the whole night. And believe me, I made him follow my plan, and he was adamantly against it.

Of course I wanted the Melting Pot; it's my favorite. But, he argued with me the whole way there because he knew that we would be ordering cheese and chocolate fondue and no meat. "And a guy needs his protein." I bribed him by telling him we could order the cheese that comes with the summer sausage dipper and he could have all the sausage to himself. It worked, and as usual, dinner was incredible. Plus, we got out of there y only paying $22 and that is after a $12 tip.

Then, we ventured to the other side of town to the IMAX 3-D to see Alice in Wonderland. I can't believe the stuff these people can create, let alone dream up! It wasn't my favorite movie of all times, but it was definitely impressive and probably worth the $12 ticket. So, overall it was a fun night. Honestly though, the real reason I am telling you this was so I could post the creepy picture of us in our 3-D glasses. Attractive huh? Ugly and they hurt!


Josh said...

ah how cute...

RN Mama said...

Nice glasses!

How did you get out of the Melting Pot so cheap? I've never been there, but I've heard it's really pricey!