Friday, January 29, 2010

Lettuce Salad: A Recipe

You know how some mom's hang things on the refrigerator to show their pride in their children? Well, my mom doesn't. Not anymore at least; her fridge is completely bare. No pictures. No nothing. She may have when we were young. I don't remember. And I am certainly not saying that she isn't proud. I guess she just prefers a clean fridge. Except for this.

This "recipe" was created by my brother and hangs proudly over my parents' stove. It has for years. Let's see...Colby is 30 now, so he must have made this when he was about 28. Kidding. But don't worry, he laminated it, so nothing can hurt it. It will last forever.

In case you can't read it, it says:
Slice tomatoes
Put lettuce in bowl
Add some sliced carrots and white dressing (any white stuff will do?)
Then add sliced cucumbers plus sliced squash and brocolli.
Put salad in refrigerator with sprinkled water for 10 minutes (better set that timer).
Eat it after dinner (it's a dessert salad!).

But my favorite part is the drawing. What is going on with the dog's back side, and is the salad on fire?

Well, if you are stuck inside because of the snow and ice like we are, now you have a new recipe to try out. If you like it, let Colby know though because I am not taking credit for this one!

My brother told me the other night that he reads my blog and I'm not so sure I believe him. Now, I guess we'll see!

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Holly said...

I never remember anything on your parents fridge either!!!