Thursday, February 4, 2010

A V-Day Rubberband Ball

On the way home from the gym last night, I was being really quiet and I think the husband gets nervous when I get quiet. Seriously, I'm not a loud person by nature, but in this marriage I am the talker.

Well, I was trying to decide which charity I would donate $12000 to. Not that I have $12000 to donate, but if I did, where should it go?

So he asked me what I wanted for Valentines Day.

And I should preface this by saying that I decided and informed him weeks ago that because we don't need anything I was setting a $20 limit on gifts and I was making his.

Him: So, what do you think you want for Valentines Day?
Me: Well, I don't think that's what V Day is for. It's supposed to be romantical.
Him: And I can only spend $20?
Me: Well I actually spent around $30. Just so you know.
Him: Yeah $30 and about 20 man hours. So, that's like $200.
Me: Hmmm...not really. It's not that great (it is though). What's important is that it was made from my heart.
Him: Well I could make you something, but it would probably be along the lines of a rubberband ball and I'm not even sure I could make that.
Me: Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Well maybe there is something i want.........

But you have to figure it out yourself because I'm a girl and that's what we do.

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Megsy said...

Taylor - Your blog is HILARIOUS. I LOVE to read it everyday! You are so funny and always have a great spin on the day to day drama of life. Best of luck with your WW routine! I have one of the WW cookbooks and really like using it. There are some great ideas for just tweaking meals to be a bit more healthy. Three cheers to you! - oh, and I hope to read an update on your Valentine's gift!