Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fragments

So, I stole this title from someone (sorry), but it was perfect for what I wanted to say. So I went with it.

First, please check out the husbands hair in this picture. I literally sent this text to his stylist yesterday..."HELP! I'm about to cut his hair myself. It's atrocious!" Still no appointment. And yes, we were in the car when that picture was taken, which means he went out in public like that.

I am so excited about this weekend, not only because it is Valentine's Day, but more so because my little brother and his GF are coming to visit and we have some fun stuff planned! Shopping anyone? Either way, we will start the day with this super fun poker run that I found thanks to Tasha Does Tulsa and end the day with drinks and dinner at the Melting Pot. It doesn't get any better in my world!

I love the Shear Genius show and have always watched it, but I am even more excited now that I saw the previews for the next episode. One of the guys gets sick and one of his competitors says, "Straight guys are such babies." IT'S. SO. TRUE. I just thought maybe I was the only one who thought it, or maybe I wasn't allowed to say it aloud.

Last, the husband and I are giving ourselves a reward for sticking with Weight Watchers for one month. We'll get a treat each month we stick to it. So, for his Feb 11 treat, he chose new running shoes and I am still up in the air. Should I get the latest Hungry Girl book, some nail trimmers for the dogs, a subscription to WW Magazine or a new shirt? So many options!

Happy Valentine's Weekend, Everyone!


annie said...

You should get a new shirt!! I'll help you pick one out tomorrow =) I'm excited about this poker run?! AND Melting Pot!

Oh, and in answer to your question, no Rosie will be staying home =( I'll bring her up sometime when she doesn't have stitches in her belly

Megsy said...

buy a new purse or fancy jeans.

Sara said...

Taylor Now you know how I feel all the time! Ryan's hair always is bad till I finally force him to get a haircut. The best was we were on a plane and he was making fun of a guy with a neck beard. I laughed out loud and said "glad you see what yours looks like now".

Also, we are coping yall doing the goal thing we get to get a Wii if we keep up our workouts for a month. Started today and so far so good!