Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't walk....Run!

If you are within a, oh I don't know, 1000 mile radius of T-Town, run to this place now! It is Dragonmoon Tea Company and it is located around 20th and Harvard. Can I say incredible? I'm obsessed.

I heard about this little treasure from a lady I've never heard of who requested my friendship on Facebook. Although I think that's weird and I usually don't "become friends" with those people, I am pleased with my decision because it led me here. Thanks, weird, random lady.

Anyway, I've been to the tea room twice now and the food has been fabulous both times. I love the Spinach Salad with Chicken Salad on top, and today I tried a pot of chocolate chai tea, which was rich and sweet...perfect for my sweet tooth. I want to go back tomorrow.

Do you think they would notice if I started eating there everyday? Because I might.

P.S. The husband LOVES it too. He thinks it's girly because it's a tea room, so he has me secretly get him food from there. Secret's out, babe.

P.S.S. or is it P.P.S? I stole the picture from the Tulsa Food Blog. Thanks, Tulsa Food Blog.

Peace out.


RN Mama said...

"Thanks, weird, random lady." I love it! I don't think I have ever accepted a friend request from a random before.

The tea room sounds delish! When I was growing up, we would go to visit my grandparents and aunt every year in Florida for spring break. There was a "Tea Room" there that my aunt would take us to, and we would always pretend to be fancy! Looking back, it was hysterical.

Lea said...

Thank you for the amazing review! May we post your blog on our Facebook? We really appreciate your support!!


Taylor said...

Of course you can post it!