Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today was one of those roller-coaster kind of days. Nothing too bad happened, so I'm really not trying to complain. It was just one of those days that you are excited to roll out of bed because of something that is supposed to happen. So, you wake up with a "high." Then, when said something doesn't happen you feel disappointed, almost deflated. Then, you learn that the plans will actually work out after all, and voila, you are on cloud nine again. Oops, wait....nevermind, it's not gonna happen, and suddenly, you find yourself back down in the dumps. Up and down, up and down. Well, the one constant happiness of the day was this smiling face...he makes this ride worthwhile.


annie said...

So I'm guessing "it" didn't happen??

Taylor said...

No, we were supposed to go after work, then she said at 5 she couldn't go. Then at 5:30, she said she would meet me there at 8. Then, at 8 she called to say she was just leaving Wagoner (an hour away). They all close at 9. So, we have an appt on Sat at 6 at the place by my mom and dad's house....if you want to go!

Anonymous said...

So wait a minute, that smiling mug makes things better? God help us.