Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've Failed

About a week ago, when I first accepted the 365-day challenge, I didn't take weekends, holidays and other busy days into account. For a brief moment in time, I thought I had more time than I actually do. No, I guess I have the time; I just, at that moment, felt like dedicating more of it to this blog than I actually should. So, I have failed at the challenge this weekend; I didn't post yesterday. 

However, the purpose of the challenge was to be able to look back at the past year and have in writing a snippet of each day of one's life. Now while I didn't write about it yesterday, I will tell you today that the writing is there. It is permanent, and there will always be a picture attached as a reminder. All I have to do if I want to remember yesterday, June 27, 2009, is take a look in the mirror and I am sure that many memories will come flooding back. Just as I can remember everything about my 27th birthday, the day I got my first tattoo, I am sure that I will be able to remember everything about yesterday, the day I got my second tattoo. So, that is the reason I didn't post....I went to OKC to get tatted up! I may post a picture someday, but I feel like this is a private thing. It is in a private area, one that I will show if I want to, but one that most people will never see (it is not gross; I promise). I did it for myself, so I really don't care about anyone's opinions. It is there, and I love it and the memories that I have associated with it!

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