Friday, June 26, 2009


Josh scraped his finger the other day, and asked me for a bandaid. All I could offer him was a pink Hello Kitty bandaid, which I love and wear with even the slightest hint of an abrasion, but he refused. I don't know why; they are pink and therefore fabulous. But, I came across these tonight on the net and think they may just be what my big, macho hubs is looking for. They seem to be the manly cousin of Hello Kitty, and I think they just scream to you to venture a guess as to what is underneath. If the sore you are trying to hide is not bad enough, just slap on a giant piece of plastic meat resembling a giant bloody scab. It's attractive. Trust me.

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annie said...

My little brother has one of these on his right foot, as we speak. He said the package comes with a little tiny rubber cow too, as if the meat weren't enough. I've seen bacon bandages too! Just the kind that Matt would love.