Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big 3-1

Today is June 20th, which means it is exactly 22 days until I turn the big 3-1. Although I am tempted to call it the "dreaded" 3-1, I think I will abstain since it really isn't any worse than the big 3-0, and they probably won't get any better from here on out. Not better. Not worse. Just older. There's just something about moving out of your 20s and into the next decade of adulthood, where there exists a certain expectation of maturity, responsibility, and establishment. And whether I am there or not is beside the point. Regardless though, my birthday is looming on the horizon, so I have decided to share with you some things that will soften the blow.
1. A Clary Sage Giftcard
Clary Sage is a T-town cosmetology school that I like to frequent when I feel the need to be pampered. Although the services are performed by students, they are fabulous. Where else can you get a full-body massage or facial for under $40 with tip? Plus, the students are graded on your reviews, so they really strive to perform great work.

2. The pink tutu in the window at The Spotted Umbrella (Jenks)
This tutu has been sitting in the storefront window for months now, and to be honest, i don't even know if it's for sale. Plus, even if it is for sale, I don't know if it will fit me. But, everytime I pass by that shop I dream of a fun night out in that tutu. Now, I just need some really snazzy shoes to go with it.

3. Some Seasonal Whisper Bracelets
I spotted these on the arm of a friend recently and have been drooling over them ever since! Since said friend works at a boutique that sells them, she told my husband that she would pick them up for him if he would give her the money. Hubbins, please take her up on this offer!

4. PB Loco Peanut Butter in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
It's peanut butter combined with cc cookie dough. Need I say more? 

5. Tickets to the Oprah Show
If you've ever read this blog, you've probably read about "the walk" I am doing in August. It is in Chicago around the same time that Oprah resumes taping of her show, and I am dying to go. So, if anyone out there has a "hook up" and can help get my mom and I a pair of tickets, I will be so grateful! We will be there from August 10th to August 12th.

6. A trip to Thailand
If I could go anywhere in the world....
Oh and no, I'm not asking for anyone to pay for my trip. I'm just saying that I want to go!

7. Photography and/or Yoga classes
I want to learn photography (I have a really cool DSLR camera) and I need to take yoga. I just wish I could find someone to join me.

8. Dinner at the Melting Pot
It's my favorite restaurant and I would eat there once a week if I could!

Just in case anyone was needing any ideas....and feel free to share this with others!



Anonymous said...

One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free

Holly said...

Seems the kiddos and I are going to be there over your birthday! I have a friend who spent over a month in Thailand and she's dying to go back, she was there getting her masters in Thai massage though.