Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Unfavorite Part of the Day

Anyone who lives in Oklahoma or any of  the other 20+ states that have been affected by this lovely ice storm knows that it is not only miserably cold out there, but also downright treacherous and unsafe. I would estimate that there is a 3-4 inch solid sheet of ice covering our yard, our street, and our driveway- our hill of a driveway. Please remember, we are the ones who had to park the u-haul in the street when we moved in because it couldn't get up the drive, and I am pretty sure there is still a gash in the concrete from the attempts that we made anyway. 

So, needless to say, today was a "snow day," for me and for Josh. Not that some truly ambitious and overly eager employees did not report to work; they did, but we were not among them. Call me crazy, but when all employees are told that the office is closed due to the weather and for their safety, why would some people still choose to go there? Furthermore, when said employees called this afternoon wanting me to slide down the driveway and halfway across the state to the downtown area to do something that could (technically) wait til tomorrow, I almost had a panic attack. Ugh.

Yes, we have had the day at home, and I am thankful for that although I have done absolutely nothing to show for it. I did shower, yea for me. Josh, on the other hand, in an attempt to be more productive than his wife, decided he would catch up on his laundry. No, I don't do his laundry. All the chores are split 50/50 in this house. I guess that is the benefit of getting married later and not yet having children.

So, Josh carries all of his stuff into the laundry room, and I can hear him grumbling before he even gets both feet across the threshold. I am notorious for leaving laundry in the dryer for days, even weeks, until he comes along after me and piles my last load on the bed, forcing me to fold it. Well, today was no different, other than the fact that there was a clean load in a basket on the floor, a clean load in the dryer, and a once clean but now moldy load in the washer. Apparently, I had washed a few things on Sunday and never moved them over. Now, not only are they horribly smelly and moldy, but the lamp cord cover that I washed, is now tangled around some sort of washer mechanism that makes the machine go round and round. 

Josh starts trying to untangle the cord mess without any luck. So, he tells me that I better come fix it, or he is just going to cut it out of there- as if that makes any sense. So, I say, "Get out of my way and let me fix it because I don't want you to cut my stuff." Gladly, he leaves the room, only to come back in 5 minutes to fix it himself since I am not done yet. He tells me he wants to do it, and I say,"No, I am working on it." So, he says, "well, I want to do it." When I tell him no again and he argues back to me, I think, "Are we really arguing over who "gets to" fix the washing machine?" So once again, I retreat to the other room, where, in the midst of my blog stalking, I can hear him mumbling/cussing under his breath. Mind you, he is a redhead, and all that entails, and he is getting more and more upset by the second; I mean REALLY upset. And now I can hear him getting into the tool box and starting to "mess with" the mechanism (whatever it may be). Terrified for the safety of our machinery, I return to the laundry room to kick him out again, and this time I rescue the fully intact cord cover from the washing machine, only to say to my husband, "I told you it didn't need to be cut."

Moral of the story: Don't EVER put a lamp cord cover in your washing machine. Oh and don't put a queen size comforter in there either. I learned that in college. By the way, in case you are wondering, the cover needed to be cleaned because our kitten/cat locked himself in the bathroom over the weekend and, without access to the litterbox, had to find someplace else to go.


Heather said...

I so remember you leaving clothes in the dryer in college! Poor Jizzle!

Kirsten said...

I, too, am famous for putting the folding laundry part off for as long as humanly possible. However, I have no man in my home, only children too small to reach the washing machine. Therefore, it can sit there until the only other option is to march into school naked. :)