Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Trip to the "Spa"

Remember this guy? If you ever watched Seinfeld, you are probably well-acquainted with the Soup Nazi. I never was a huge fan of the show (didn't quite get the humor; maybe I was too young for it hehe), but I definitely know who the Soup Nazi is. In fact, I now know who is twin sister is too. She works in a salon in Bixby, OK; she gives pedicures.

Now, I am one of those people who considers a pedicure a rare treat, almost a reward, if you will. I go for the leg massage. I go for relaxing the hot towel wrap and sea salt scrub. I do not go just to have my nails painted. I can paint them at home. Yes, they will probably be sloppy, but I will have saved my hard-earned money.

Anyway, my friend Elle and I went to get pedicures yesterday, a plan we conjured up when we learned the boys would be spending the day on the golf course and doing other very manly things. That was fine with us; a day at "the spa" and shopping would suit us just fine. Now which "spa" should we choose? Mind you, I am using the term "spa" very loosely here. 

Naturally, we chose one in close proximity to THE yogurt shop because if we couldn't sip champagne while having our toes done, then yogurt would be the next best choice. So, yogurt in hand, we sat down in our spa chairs to have our spa pedicures, and the beautician thrusts the menu in our faces. Yes, there are 8 pedicures to choose from, and they start with having your toenails painted for $23 to having your toenails painted for $53, and I chose to have mine painted for $28 plus tip. And that's exactly what I got. I got my nails painted and a whole lot of attitude from the Spa Nazi. Wait, I didn't order the hateful pedicure, just the deluxe pedicure, which apparently comes with a side of  anger. I even wondered to myself at one point if I might be on candid camera. I guess I wasn't, and Belle and I sure had fun anyway. Next time I visit the Spa Nazi, I will definitely say yes to the flower she was wanting to paint on my toe.

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