Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jizzle!

Today is my best friend and husband's birthday, and I want to publicly wish him a happy day (even though it is almost over)! I am almost positive he had a great one, but I can never say for sure. Here is what gives me that idea though...he had thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast, played golf with lots of beer all day, went out to a nice dinner with lots of wine, and got several awesome gifts, including a trip to NYC! Oh, and now, as I write this, he is laying on the couch watching football. So, what part of that day could a 30 year old man not love?

So, in honor of his 30th year, I am going to make a list. Thank you Annie, queen of listmaking, for the idea! Here it is....30 things about Hubbins!

1. The day we met he had black highlights in his red hair.
2. He LOVES onions, and eats them on EVERYTHING!
3. He can polish off an entire bottle of salsa in one sitting.
4. He is an awesome athlete; he even ran a half marathon without any training whatsoever.
5. He loves golf and would play 7 days a week if his wife was ok with that.
6. His favorite hobby is wine...buying it, drinking it, collecting it, talking about it, etc, etc.
7. He will not read. He has several great books, but he refuses to read any of them.           
8. His favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos, and he finally got to go to a game this year.
9. He LOVES watching sports, and he yells really loud at the t.v., mostly bad words.
10. He loves to shop, and he finds something he "needs" at every store...even Hobby Lobby.
11. He dances in the kitchen to make me laugh, and its really funny because its pretty bad.
12. He really likes to travel, but is scared to go anywhere "exotic" b/c of certain movies.
13. He is a much better cook than his wife.
14. He once told me he wanted to try out for American Idol, and I was very concerned for the person who gave him the impression that that would be a good idea.
15. He is a very friendly person and has a lot of great friends!
16. He secretly likes pedicures, but is too afraid of what people (his brothers) will say.
17. He will never allow our kids to jump on a big trampoline b/c of childhood experiences.
18. His favorite movie is Field of Dreams.
19. His favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings, a.k.a wizzle wamps.
20. His favorite bands are Amos Lee, The Format, and Dispatch, to name a few.
21. He has the best legs ever....I'm his wife...I can say that!
22. He will never admit when he's had too much to drink, and it drives me crazy.
23. He doesn't own a watch.
24. Did I say he loves wine?
25. He says he is sorry even when he's not, which can be really cute and really annoying!
26. He has a really fat cat who loves to "sleigh ride."
27. He will argue all day that beer is thirst quenching and root beer is not. I disagree.
28. He and my brother both have a strange interest in pirates.
29. He will tell you he is still 29. He has a complex about turning 30.
30. He has a wife who loves him more than anything! Happy birthday, babe! 

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annie said...

I love your list! Happy Birthday Josh!