Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pink, Pink, Pink

If you know me or anything about me, you probably know that I am obsessed with the color pink. I love pink....everything pink. The other day, I had to take a doctor to work with me; it is something that we do every year for a group of residents in the area as part of a hospice awareness initiative. Anyway, after we visited a couple of my patients, we stopped at the gas station to get a soda, and I spotted some pink peanut M&Ms. I was not hungry, and I certainly didn't need a package of M&Ms, but I bought it anyway, just because it was cute. I'm pretty sure the Dr. thought I was weird. I think she even said so. Oh and along the same lines, I told Jizzle the other day that I would be interested in buying a motor home and traveling around the states IF we could get a pink Airstream. No, we're not 80; I just thought it would be cool...if it was pink. Ok, so I am sure you get the point.
Well, besides being the prettiest color of all, pink is also representative of something awesome, and that is breast cancer awareness. Besides the fact that October was breast cancer awareness month, I have had bc on my mind lately for a much different reason...a fun one! I know, bc and fun in the same sentence? Definitely. Way back in 2003, my brother and I participated in the Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day, a 60-mile walk from Ft. Worth to Dallas to raise money for bc prevention, education, and treatment. It was THE MOST AMAZING experience, and now I want to do it again. So, I am getting ready to sign up for another 3 day event, this time in Chicago or Boston, and I am looking for teammates! Please visit for more information, and please consider joining me! I promise it will be an experience you will never forget! I will post periodically about my fundraising progress, and I hope that you will at least consider donating if you aren't able to actually participate!

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