Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's in a Name?

I have been talking about starting my own blog least ever since I realized I have an obsession with reading everyone else's blogs. There's just something strangely interesting in "peering" into the lives of others, regardless of whether or not you know them. In fact, I thought I "knew" a particular girl/sorority sister of mine until I started reading her blog. Instead, I came to realize that she is much more interesting than the shy KAO I knew in college, AND she leads a fabulous life in a fabulous city where she is married to an actor....very glamorous I must say. So, I figure if I am going to spend so much time delving into the lives of so many other people (strangers), I may as well put some of my greatest secrets out cyberspace....for all the world to see. Wow, that's kinda scary!
Ok, so what's in a name? Who on earth would name their blog "Mizzle's Blizzle?" you ask. Well, that would be my sweet husband, Jizzle. Yes, his name is Josh, but if he is going to call me Mizzle, I am going to call him something equally that a word?. When I first started talking about starting a blog, Jizzle told me that when I did I would have to name it Mizzle's Blizzle. He thinks he is a rapper or something; I am not exactly sure. But to make this story short, Mizzle is derived from the word ma, moi, moist. Wow, that was hard for me to say/ type, since I think it is the most obnoxious word in the English language. My original nick-name was "T," which became "T-Pot," and then was changed to "T-Moist" when Jizzle's friend learned how much I hate the word. Then, it was "T-Mizzle" and was finally shortened to just "Mizzle," which I guess is the rap version of the former. So, that is where the name of this blog came from....interesting/stupid/immature whatever, but now you know. I am Mizzle, and this is my blizzle!

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Kirsten said...

Personally, I love your blog name! Although I am entirely curious who the glamorous KAO you reference might be. I want to read this one!