Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifteen Memories Since May

I'm back, and this is my 100th post! Woo-hoo! I figured I couldn't quit on 99- that's just weird. Plus, I received an email this week that went something like this...."I tried to become a follower of your blog, but I can't figure out how to. I was thinking that if you got some more followers, you might consider blogging again?!?! Think about it." Ok, so the message was from my mom, but still, at least someone's paying attention.

Anyway, since it's been awhile, here's 15 things that have happened since May.

1. We spent a week in Austin-ate a lot, did some shopping, watched a good friend say "I do" and watched my husband complete his first Olympic-distance triathlon.
2. I turned 32.
3. The husband took me to San Fran and Napa for my b-day.
4. Started a new full-time job at the local hospital.
5. Spent lots of time at the lake.
6. Returned to my old job part time (in addition to the hospital job).
7. Ran a 5k after not running for months- it was sad.
8. Ran a 5k after taking up running again- got 3rd place in my age group!
9. Started training for a 1/2 marathon- RnR New Orleans.

10. Went to Midland to see the husband's cousin tie the knot.

11. Dressed up as Flo from the Progressive commercials for Halloween. The husband was Justin Beiber.
12. Missed out on Thanksgiving b/c I was at work.
13. Took the husband to Playa del Carmen for his 32nd b-day and spent the trip in the hotel with Strep.
14. Celebrated with my little bro after he proposed to his long-time girlfriend.
15. Watched every minute of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood, Modern Family and Teen Mom.

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