Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Things Tuesday

1- Have you tried these yet? The new Pretzel M&Ms are incredible and only 3 points for a 1-serving bag! You have to try them, especially if you love sweet-and-salty combo snacks, but be sure to buy the individual serving packages because it's really hard to stop otherwise!

2- OK, so I skipped out on my weigh-in this week because I felt like I would have yet another stagnant week. We now have a scale in the bathroom, so I know FOR SURE that the needle hasn't moved anywhere. Plus, I have been feeling so fat and bloated lately since I haven't been exercising like I was. But, I'm getting back on track! My goals for this week are to journal/record all of my points and to run 2 miles 4 times. Easy enough, right?!?!


Sara said...

Oh no more m&m's to look for! Well at least I will like these!

ty said...

two miles, four times. that sounds totally doable! I may jump on your goal wagon too :)

Kris said...

1.) I heard the new M & M's were gross!
2.)I picked running back up a few weeks ago. I used to run almost everyday for 3miles and 5miles on Sunday, but I stopped for awhile... Now, I'm practically starting from scratch and it's hard so I feel your pain.

Julianna Morlet said...

love these! but the dark choco beats all :) they're in the purple bag.