Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tonight, I'm Sad

Yeah that's right. I'm sad but in a super happy way. Here's the deal....

I don't have anything really sad going on. In fact, all of my sadness has a reverse/flip side that makes me realize just how fortunate I am.

Like this....

I'm sad because I don't have any money to go shopping with....but I've taken an 8-month "vacation" by choice.

I'm sad because I can't run due to right leg pain....but I have an excuse not to exercise.

I'm sad because the husband and I gave our sweet girl puppy a butchered hairdo tonight....but she's still cute and she seems to like it.

I'm sad because I have to THOROUGHLY clean the house tomorrow....but that's because mom and dad are coming to visit.

I'm sad because I missed ww this week and feel like I have gained weight....but the husband took me out to 2 amazing restaurants to celebrate our anniversary.

I'm sad because I haven't found my dream job yet....but I have turned down two job offers.

I'm sad because I've lost a good friend...and there's no "but" about this one.

OK...time to get over it.

1 comment:

RN Mama said...

What? An 8 month vacation? Wowee!

I hope you have a great weekend with your parents! As far as the shin splints go, when you can run again try doing the ABC stretch with your ankles before you run. It's a miracle!