Monday, April 5, 2010

The Games People Play

My family is full of traditions, and we have some for every holiday. Christmas morning stockings, brunch and pickle hunting, huge birthday celebrations, 4th of July at the lake and Easter games. And because the grown adult children (my brothers and myself) have no kids of our own, we still get to play the games, and they are always a blast.

So my super-creative mom comes up with the games each year and they always vary. Last year, we had a balloon animal-making contest, for which my brother made a car and my husband made a sweater vest....yes, they made these out of those long clown balloons. We have hunted Easter eggs, played relay games and dice games, but this year, our golf game took the cake.

My mom bought these toy golf sets at Wal-Mart- one for each of us- and set up a 9-hole golf course around the lake house. It was complete with pins, hazards and pars and we spent a good few hours outside completing all nine holes of golf in our first mini tournament. Needless to say, we spent the afternoon laughing, and it certainly helped my golfing case that the boys had already played 18 holes of real golf and had come home less than sober.

So, with a score of 47, yours truly was the winner (against 3 boys) and took home the incredible cash prize of $10, which may just go toward a manicure!

Here's to traditions and a very Happy Easter!

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