Saturday, September 12, 2009

a few things

It is amazing the things you will discover about yourself by spending nine days at the lake. Almost alone. At the end of the summer. When the lake is eerily calm and empty and it has rained over six inches in a thirty-six hour period. Although nice, it leaves you wondering where everyone is. It is too quiet here. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Football season has begun. 

Anyway, this quiet, calm period of nothing-to-do except exactly what I want has forced me to realize a few things. These are not necessarily important things, yet they are things nonetheless and I am in a sharing mood.

So, a few things....

1. I am addicted to HGTV and even if I don't particularly care for a certain show, I can't turn the channel. I watch and watch until I have developed completely unrealistic ideas/ goals for my home. House project number one: elevate the house until it sits on a hill overlooking the city. Tear out the walls and replace with gigantic windows allowing all of the sunlight to come streaming in. Finish the project with a giant all-glass bathtub. See the problem here?

2. I want to be a runner. There is something so freeing about setting out on the open road with nothing but an ipod filled with your favorite tunes to keep you company. However, my body has other ideas for me, and exercise isn't one of them. It only takes about ten steps out of the front door before I have shin splints. They are painful. And they refuse to go away.

3. If you are a realtor and you want to sell a house, why bother posting it online without a single picture? Come on people. Oh and don't make a youtube video with your own personal shaky camcorder to take me on a tour of the house. It makes me carsick.

4. I want to do something creative with my life. I want to have my own booth at the market. I want to open a tiny scrapbooking store at the lake (or all things paper). I want to own the retail portion of Annie's future cupcake store. Today, I want to do anything but nursing.

5. Why oh why does Nate Berkus have to be gay? 

6. I can read an entire novel only to try to reread it several years later and not realize until 100 pages in that I have read it before. And then only vaguely remember the book. Did I read the whole book? Did I only read this chapter? I am so confused.

7. Speaking of books, I highly recommend Left for Dead and Into Thin Air. I am not a mountain climber, and I will never be a mountain climber (refer to #2), but I found these books thrilling to read.

Well, that's enough for tonight. But I hope everyone is having a great weekend and is safely celebrating our Sooner's tonight!

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