Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 things

Because today is August 16th, and because I have not posted since June 30th, I am pretty sure it is time to write something. I do have several posts planned, but they all seem to take a lot of time, meaning that I really have to think about what I am writing or upload some pictured before I can post. So, just because it is Sunday and I am still in my pajamas and just had cookie dough for breakfast, I am going to settle with this post. In honor of Sunday, August 16th, this is 16 things that are on my mind today.
1. The awesome chandelier art by Erin Glover that was debuted on HGTV yesterday. I would LOVE to have one of her pieces. Google her.
2. I have a million pictures to scrapbook. I really should be doing that instead of writing this. 
3. I am going to have to get in some exercise today to burn off the cookie dough.
4. I wish my brother would call me back b/c I could really use his advice.
5. I am so ready to move back to OKC. Anybody hiring nurses? Haha....that's a silly question.
6. I hope my parents had fun at my mom's reunion in Albuquerque. Drive carefully M&L!
7. I can't believe my husband told me I have a "cold, negative heart." I don't think I do, but maybe I do. Regardless, I'm pretty sure a husband isn't supposed to say mean things like that.
8. My feet are still recovering from the 3day walk, but it was soooo worth it! I think I may have to do it again!
9. Because I want to move, I suddenly have a new addiction to HGTV. I love seeing the changes they make to these houses, but they make it look so easy.
10. I need to clean. Ugh.
11. Jack knocked the lamp over and burned a hole through the shade and two layers of carpet last night. Had I gone out of town this weekend, would I have come back to a house engulfed in flames? Scary.
12. Anyone ever seen a cop in a pink uniform? There were several along the 3day route. They were pretty darn sexy if you ask me. (I'll post pictures soon).
13. my younger brother is about to turn the big 3-0 on Tuesday. Wow, I'm old! Happy b-day C!
14. Seeing as how it's after 11am, I should probably brush my teeth.
15. Aren't you supposed to be able to rely on your friends? Isn't that why they are friends to begin with? Ok just checking.
16. An orange and cream soda should sounds good, but is it worth a trip to reasor's....prob not!

The End. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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Megsy said...

Hey Taylor! Thank you for writing a comment on my blog! I had no idea that you were a blogger too. I plan to stalk your thoughts - haha! Megan